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I like to be called the child whisperer, one who listens, makes things fun, wonder with them and calm any nerves. Every kid I meet is always a pleasure because each personality is unique. As a mama, I find kids the funnest when they're curious, playing and laughing. Every milestone show changes of growth from a baby to a grown kid, not only taking photos to remember but proof of their story growing up.

"I really enjoyed how Sugarr Photos brought props to the outdoor session. For a 2 year old, sitting for a photo session can be hard but Sugarr Photos allowed him to be a kid in his environment and captured the best moments." ~The H Family

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Photography is more than pictures, it's moments that reflects your story and never want to forget. From getting engaged, celebrating your wedding day or welcoming a new baby, it's no wonder photos are your favorites.


Currently booking through November 30th 2021

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