Back then, pictures were hard to come by when some could not afford film. Fortunately, my mother made it a priority to have pictures of me when I was younger. She took the time and created albums throughout my life that I couldn’t remember. After having my daughter, she is getting older and is curious how my lifestyle was when I grew up. Now, I thank my mom because I understand what a picture means when it is being printed, these pictures were my prized possesion & most valuable treasure.  


Today, we live in a digital world where we have access to technology, even taking pictures from our phones. We live in busy work lives where time is not valued and snapshots do not make it to print and later forgotten.


One of the big reasons I became a photographer is to photograph families as whole. When my mom was a single mother, she was not in the pictures, she was the one taking them. That's where I come in and photograph so you can be a part of that moment.

My purpose as your photographer is bringing pictures to life with heirloom art to admire in your home. Every sweet memory will be treasured for generations to come.