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Personal reflection

Of all the obstacles I've overcome so far, I am very proud of myself. At every situation that has been given to me, I look back and it amazes me, I'm here today with a loving family, a good home and people who support me. When I had my daughter, I think my biggest priority was providing for her. Yes, I was a young mom, I still am but everyone has their learning curve. Becoming a mom led me to become a good role model. (One of the advantages of being the big boss haha). This journey is one of best because the outlook of my life is valued and purpose in the eyes of this little girl and I'm so grateful.

Every night or in my terms, really early morning, I'm like flying out the door. Got my lunch? Check, got my Chai drink? Check. Oh no it's 1230am..AM? Yep I work graveyard. I've worked all kinds of shifts, I'd say mostly graveyard because seniority sucks. Some days I think to myself, I need to do something else with my life. I love to cook, take pictures, hike, try new things, make diy projects, thrift shopper, read (when I have time) and organize (organize anything really) But what else could I do?

I happen to stumble across this lady online name 'Marie Foleo'. She is a life coach with many talents and helping people build a business they love. Marie Foleo is a good example of inspiring others by saying you are your own person, things can change if you take action within yourself and so much more. I say these things to myself time and time again but taking action is a whole other level.

Finding my inner channel, I'm still learning about myself and starting a photography business is a open door I want to explore. I had my Nikon DSLR for 7 years now taking pictures of my daughter. People always complimented my pictures but I never knew my passion was right in front of me. The fact of capturing all the special moments, I want to capture moments like that for people. The joy and feeling inside of me, feeling like a proud mom, the feeling of being proud of myself. I want to share that to people who admire photography. Meeting more inspiring people along the way is awesome and most importantly providing my talent to others is the most humble feeling, ever.

Sorry for the lengthy message but I think it's a good reflection of my life and why I want to share it with you. As a young mom, I want to show to young women that if you work hard you can get where you want to be and to try things out even when all things fail. We should challenge ourselves everyday if we want to succeed.

Alongside my photography, I have crazy amounts of diy projects, that I need to backup years worth. Why now I decided to post online? I haven't had the time, the excuse we all use.

My 90s generation has their plus and minuses but the plus side to be socially active, is connecting with others who invent ideas to share around the world, Shout out to Pinterest!

To my invisible audience thank you so much for your support and join me through my life adventures.



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