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Money Lei

This is my second year doing a money lei and I think this is my tradition for the kids. It's a good creative way to gift to your senior. Found this on Pinterest. Here is my money lei.


1. $1 crips dollar bills ( I measured the length I want the necklace to be, hence the $32. I didn't use crisp dollars from forgetting to request them but it still turned out great.)

2. String

3. Colored paper (school colors)

4. Super glue. Someone used tape but I went ahead and used the mighty super glue. I gently dab the corners and held both ends to make it stick. It could get messy but this method works for me.

How to fold your dollar

1. Fold accordion style. I folded to the number one.

2. Bring all the folds together.

3. Grab top and bottom corners and glue the very tip.

4. Do the same on the other side. Make it look like a flower.

5. Between the cracks of the flow is where I thread the string.

6. Make your pattern at your desire.

7.) Volia your very own money lei

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