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My daughter's room exposed!

Some people say the best time to clean your child's room is when their not there. Although it's true, my daughter is at a age where I want her to understand the fundamentals of taking care her room. I have accepted I can't always keep a clean house but when I like to straighten things out, I have my crew (husband and daughter) to have a hand and take a load off my back.

I know doesn't it look crazy? I give it 2 days and it's going to look messy again HAHA. Well, I made a place for her to display her small toys. Look what you have around the house to save you money in order to store things.

Organizing piles

For some reason, my daughter likes collecting real tiny toys and when I dumped everything, I'm like, "What is that for?". It's probably normal but if your itching for spring cleaning, DO IT! Before it gets overwhelming but also take one room at a time. I organized the piles by what we had, of course organize to your liking.

  1. Donate

  2. Misc. dolls, pencil (keep)

  3. Missing socks

  4. Hair accessories

  5. Trash

  6. Keep pile

  7. Recycle

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