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Great finds

I love when I could get a great deal! I've waited almost 2 years for a certain buffet table to go cheap because everyone knows brand new (or at least any buying home furniture) is cha ching cash money. It wasn't like 10 out of 10 table but its something I could live for a while. Every year that pass our home feels more homey when putting a room together.

Buffet table

My dining room wall is empty and adding a buffet table really adds a nice touch. I'll eventually show an ending result of my dining room decor but for now I wanted to show this great find. We bought this table for $100 which isn't bad compared to brand new. The problem was it was to low for me. Luckily hubby mention we could add legs and picked hardware for about $25. Love it! Now all I got to do is research Joanna Gaines for great ideas for decor, gosh I love that woman's work!

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