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DIY number 1

I have a upcoming photo shoot and was looking for a big number one. I went to Michaels to find out they were all sold out! So I decided to make my own. For being such last minute, this took me less than a hour and ready right before the shoot. It turned out great and can't wait to show the end result in the photo session.


3 foam board

Box cutter



I outlined the number one lightly with a pencil and used a boxed cutter to carefully cut out the number, Please be careful when cutting, you don't want to cut something beneath it.

I cut out as I go but I pieced together another cut out 1 and hot glue them together with smaller cut out pieces to form a 3D effect. It turned out pretty messy but I wrapped it with tissue paper and it looked good to me. I could probably perfect it more but when your on a time crunch you just have to work with what you got.

Look how awesome that turned out!

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