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A simple backyard fun

I planned on a get together for Janessa because I wasn't going to throw her a birthday party this year. If close friends and families remember, I use to throw the biggest party. Her first birthday, I went overboard on games and great prizes for children AND adults. Let's just say adults winning prize would be 2 movie tickets or even a gift card to go out to eat. Who wouldn't want that!? At the age of 2, I rented out a bounce house and at the age of 3, she had a custom Olivia cake that cost me $200. Wow, what parents do just to do it ‘Big’. I noticed every year that passes, every party was getting smaller and smaller. Who knew how many summer birthdays you had to attend to. I don't even care for the party gifts, I just wanted her friends to show up and have fun. I use to stress on gathering all these details to gather the theme of the party. I’ve poured my heart into it because she's my baby! After doing so many birthdays, 7 of them total, I noticed, for me, the simple the better. Don’t get me wrong, I love grand parties, it's a tradition to celebrate with close friends and family. As a mom, we do so much already, I just want her to have a great time with her friends. This summer we did just that. I was very grateful to connect with moms that day and relax while they had fun playing in the summer sun.

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