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The happiest place on earth.

Janessa has been dying to go to Disneyland. This year she kept asking " When am I going to Disneyland ?”, over and over. I told her maybe when she's 8 or even 10, who knows. So she goes around and says she's going there when she turns 8. Well little did she know we were planning to go on her 7th birthday. We picked her up in the evening and she came inside the car confused because there were blankets, pillows and even a dvd player on the headrest. “Where are we going?”, she asked eagerly. “On a long road trip”, I replied. She was easily excited. I told her to rest up because of the long drive but her excitement in the morning change. Only to find out we were still driving. The drive was unbearable long but so worth it in the end.

We arrived the next evening. It took us a while to get there, stopping at almost all rest stops for Pokestops. Finally we got to the hotel and Janessa noticed the Disneyland celebration banners, placed everywhere. I told her it's for advertisement to get people to go there, hoping she bought my partial lie. Even fireworks lit up the sky and she got excited but it was a long day, I told her maybe I could talk to who's in charge of fireworks to do it again tomorrow night. I crack up to myself because she had no idea it was Disneyland .

The morning came and I dressed her up in a white glittery Minnie Mouse t-shirt. She commented how cute it was and still had no clue. We started walking to the entrance and see a big blue sign that said Disneyland. Her reaction, silence. Silent all the way until we got inside the park. I was hoping for a bigger reaction, maybe I should of told her where we we're going. “ Do you know where your at!?”, I asked. “Um, Disneyland”, she replied, rubbing her right eye. I was shock because this little girl has been wanting to come here all along but the reaction was a soft reply. She eventually warmed up later that day. Was it a 7 year old thing?

At the end of the day, we mostly rode everything and the next day went to California adventure. All in all we had a blast and I know she wishes she took the time to enjoy it now because she misses it. Our drive back home was even better, taking the scenic route 101 and came across this awesome beach. I could go on and on about how much we had fun and all the little things we tried but it'll be a long story. In the end, It's really nice to have vacation, spending quality time and enjoying family time. We all need it. I say we deserve it.

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