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Top of the mountain with no view.

Hubby and I had the day to ourselves so we decided to go on a hike. Although it was a cloudy morning we hoped for sunshine to the top of the mountain. Slowly as we got up and got ready, we grabbed something small to eat. Of course we had to stop by to get my morning fix - Starbucks. As I got my favorite drink, I finally started waking up. The hike we chose was called “High Rock Lookout Trail”. Every time we venture out, I always think to myself how amazing to live in area surrounded by mountains and water, the perfect place I call home, Washington. We drove about 60 miles to Randle, not knowing there was going to be about a stretch of bumpy road, driving 5-10 miles per hour. I felt like we were in the jungle, hitting every pothole made, rocking the car back and forth, all we needed was a Jeep Wrangler to make our adventure tie in with the dark forestry.

My husband and I are pretty good at taking our time talking about life, childhood, and dreams. I’m very grateful to have him and share it to. Finally, we reached the parking spot and the clouds were still gloomy. As my positive husband always say, "Don't worry, maybe it'll still get sunny, you'll never know". I string the tiny hope because in reality… I don't think Mr. Sun is going to shine today. He placed his hands in mine and we started our trail.

Peace and quietness surrounded us, after two miles of walking. Our voices echoed our path, sweat beaded off my forehead as much as my heart thudded after every step. At last, as the forest is behind us, beneath us was a rocky hill leading to a fire lookout. Fire lookouts were known for a place to camp out and seek for fire. Can you believe even before then, trails were made from people passing through to discover the unknown?

Wondering what the view looked after our short journey? Still. Over. Cast. The fog was so thick, really it felt like I was in heaven. It's funny to say because who knows what heaven really looks like. The view was a sheet of white blanket, stretching all around us. You couldn't see anything, not even an outline. I wasn't sure how I felt. Most hikes I feel happy to be rewarded with great scenery but we knew in our hearts it was going to be cloudy. We went anyway knowingly we'd enjoy our company's together and that's what matters most.

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