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October - the month of yummy treats.

I love the warmth my heater brings when the weather change to chilly air. It's time to pull out colorful socks, thick sweaters and even seahawks gear to root for our home town. Decorating pumpkins around the house and soon handing out treats for Halloween.

I've ask around if anyone is going to the pumpkin patch this month and surprisingly there are some people who has never been. I think when you start a family, that's one of the reasons to go. I found out my parents never went, it wasn't my parents tradition but I made it my own with my family.

Our favorite one to go to and luckily is close to home is Spooner Farms in Puyallup, WA. Although we haven't been there on the weekends. I hear there are yummy food venders, adorable animals, pumpkin sling shot and awesome play areas for kiddos. It's really a nice place to go to especially munching on delicious popcorn.

We went last week and had a great time. It was Janessa's first corn maze and I'd have to say she was very curious. She is very good with mazes on paper and fun little puzzles. At the age of 2 she would want to read and only play with puzzles. Every year at Spooners the theme of the corn mazes changes and this time its "Commotion in the Ocean". It was a fun experience going through the maze that made me wish summer was back again. I know she was excited but I won't lie, 20 minutes of scavenging she got bored with it. I stuck with it because I was determined and finally an hour later we made it through.

As a family, what are your traditions for October? Decorating the house, carving out pumpkins, or baking with the little ones? It’s nice to hear your stories, it lets me know I’m not crazy to push my family even if it's going to take an hour to get out of the corn maze.

Also, don't forget to book for family pictures to prepare for the holidays. Fall trees or the Christmas tree farm. Openings on November 5th, 12th and 19th between 11:00am - 1:00pm. Please know I work full time so spots are limited book now before it fills.☺️

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