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Senior portraits in the -- RAIN!

Meet Aaliyah 1 out of 4 kids in our family. She is a senior this year and celebrating with lots of accomplishments. My husband and I are so proud of her and the amount of time I’ve known her she has grown up so much over the years. When we have the whole family together, I’m pretty much the short one alongside my daughter Janessa. Aaliyah is fun, athletic and smart and I can’t wait to see what the bright future holds for her.

I drove down south to meet her at Tumwater Falls in Tumwater. The area was really nice and unique that had great history all around. I was nervous upon arriving because it was sunny in Federal Way but the more I got closer to Tumwater the weather changed just like that! It was breezy, a little rain drizzle and towards the end, downright pouring! We had fun getting soaked in the rain towards the end. The pictures still turned out amazing, look how awesome she looks!

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