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These boys were named after pictures

I had the pleasure of meeting Kristelle's family who'd requested to do family photos at Wild Hearts farm. First off I'd like to say, this family was too cute. I loved their outfits, especially mom, she looked darling with her cute blue dress and I loved her touch with her leg warmers. Kids go through stages in life, whether their pouting, laughing out loud, or non stop screaming. I love meeting kids because they really bring out pure emotions. It's my job to catch them smiling, those serious stares or even loud cries. Luckily for me, being a mom, these emotions don't phase me. I actually embrace those true moments, they don't last forever. When I arrived at Wild Hearts farm, it felt like I left the city and discovered a piece of land that not only holds dear to my heart but also a photographers dream. A place to roam free, seek for animals or appreciate the tranquillity this farm brings. I was happily greeted from the owner Jodall and I'm very thankful for her to share her private farm for photographers all around. I always wondered in the near future if my family would ever live the farm life. The perfect escapade, I love it! , I would just have to visit Wild Hearts farm for now😋


These boys were named after superheroes, can you guess their names?

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