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Embracing the busyness.

Wow this weekend was pretty busy for me and I'm happy that I closed photoshoots in December, I wouldn't know how to organize shoots in this holiday season. I'm working a 12 hour shift with no days off, trying to ship your packages on time (have a clue where I work at comment below ). I'm trying to finish up my shopping but most likely will shop online. Amazon is doing a really good job with categories, especially for women in the handmade section. I see lots of custom crafts from jewelry, handbags....wait I'm suppose to be looking gifts for other people, not me ha!

Well this photoshoot is a returning client. Her last shoot I took pictures of her kids. Now this time around I'll be meeting her family. She also made a matching outfit for her adorable Schnitzel! Best time of year to gather family and take updated family portraits.

Stephanie is a creative who makes custom clothes for dachshunds. Her craft is uniquely handmade and perfect for any dog owners to dress up their dogs. Check her out here:

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