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Family traditions

Growing up with 1 sister and 2 brothers, it was a full house and it's even fuller when we get ready in the mornings for school or an outing. My mom, sister and I would be in one bathroom, putting makeup on or doing our hair. My dad on the other side of the door telling us to hurry up so he can finally get ready before the hot water is all gone.

The funny thing is when us girls are done getting ready we end up changing to find out we were wearing the SAME color, including my grandma. How is it that we end up matching? I'll never forget meeting my family out to eat and we all wore hot pink. Till this day we live in two seperate houses and we still manage to match colors. It's pretty funny how we are in sync like that.

At this photoshoot, their family tradition is taking pictures every other year. Taylor contacted me and told me it was her mothers birthday. What a great gift to keep the tradition going. Can you see there all girls? Who took the longest in the bathroom? Which sister did who's hair?

That is some proud parents to show lots of love to their girls and watch them grow.

Like all parents who are proud of their kids, I myself can't wait for what life unfolds for them, their accomplishments, careers, marriage and family. It's amazing.

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