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They grow so fast. . .

and its true! This one weekend when my daughter came home from her dads I swear she grew a couple inches. My mom visited one day and Janessa is to her shoulder and my mom is 4'11! I'm always like clock work, thinking to myself , "Can't wait for the weekend", "Aw man, it's Monday" or "It's only Wednesday?". Then birthdays come, anniversaries are here then next thing you know we're counting down for the new year.

My daughter is a 2nd grader and I had to stop myself and say, wait she is? I remember she was just in kindergarten. Shopping for her first school supplies, her first backpack and her first time riding the bus. When her school made a mother days performance. I couldn't hold back my tears saying, "That's my baby". Yep that's what being a mom is, all emotional , fast paced and restless but totally worth it.

Now, she doesn't turn around to wave goodbye as she leaves on the bus! (super sad face) Sometimes I roll her up and tell her to act like a baby. Then she pretends to cry like one. Gosh she is so awesome. This family right here, I've been watching grow since the day mama told me she was pregnant ! We literally was screaming in the parking lot, now look at her beautiful family. Kiddos saying "Mom" and " Dad" and even "Auntie" (that's me!). So happy to photograph this family. They all look stunning! Yay!

Hope your almost done Christmas shopping mamas!

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