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We found a small town coffee shop...

We drove to Oregon as a mini vacation celebrating our anniversary, this was our sweet get away. At that time we were into Game of Thrones but now we can't keep up with the seasons, we're so behind! We discovered that the Oregon coasts restaurants and stores closes early, if I remember right it was 5 pm. I mean living close to the city, stores were either 24 hours or closed by 10pm. So we found a bar that was open hoping they served some type of snack. No, food was available. I will never forget that night. We ended sitting on a chair in our hotel room listening to the waves and getting lost in our talks.

By morning we found a cute coffee shop. I wished I had pictures but it was our pit stop before we headed home for our long drive. I could smell the homemade bread they make. For some reason, we love small towns, the history, the small loving community and cool antique shops. We like to browse and I wouldn't spend those moments with anyone else, (unless you like to browse too).

This was my last photo shoot of the year . I was worried we wouldn't make the shoot happen because both our schedules were hectic. The holidays coming, long work hours and finding time to spend time with your loved ones. I'm so happy we made it work, with little rain the shoot turned out amazing. They we're the sweetest and even their dog Caesar. Such a champ, he even had the cutest bow! Also their anniversary is coming up. So special to celebrate life and love. I love it.

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