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Organizing your receipts

When the holidays were here, my house was a mess. I had piles of clothes, dirty dishes out and mostly ordered take out because 12 hours of work with no days off wasn't enough to get the house back to normal. Luckily hubby helped a lot and I thank him for days I would worry but he was there to take the load that was normally my mom duties.

One time, I was jokingly telling my friends I'm going to come home with cooked mac and cheese with hot dogs and sure nuff, that's what I came home to. I have to give him credit because I know it was made with love and he was trying. I need to teach him how to make more elaborate meals but I'm sure my daughter loved it, its one of her faves.

When my mom and I went shopping one day she told me she would collect all her receipts and put them in an envelope and write down "Christmas". I think its funny when I find myself doing the things my mom taught me through the years. Here I am putting all the receipts for returns and exchanges needed after the kids opened their presents. Marking the envelop "Christmas". But most of the time, I organize my receipts by using a pocket accordion file.

I found this great find at my favorite store, Target. They always have fun selections ranging from $1-$5. What a great deal. I've seen people use it to put money away to budget better or to save money for something worth while. In this case, I used this filing system to organize in and out receipts for future returns. I labeled each tab for each month, this way I know where all the receipts are and how organized each month is. After 3 months past from the first date it was purchased is when I throw away, depending the return policy.

It's true when some things have a home and a place to store. It makes your work flow and home more efficient and very productive. Do you have a system when you file things? Happy organizing!

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