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"Wildly in Love" - Valentine's Day photo shoot

Let's start this year on the right foot. I am so grateful of what 2016 brought me and I plan on making 2017 even better. It's important to me making my services, efficient while paying attention to detail and getting to know what you really need. Pictures of course ! It's such a blessing to meet new people and reconnect with old friends and for me to be there for your celebrations in life. As a photographer its my job to not only just take your picture but to ensure the finish product gets delivered with an actual print.

My big event will be held on February 4th and 11th for a Valentine's shoot called "Wildly in love". This session is located on a private country barn in Tacoma . This is a great way to stop with the busyness and explore at this beautiful place called "Wild Hearts Farm". Let's celebrate Valentines giving your little ones a fun experience to see the classic red barn, animals to nay at and a peaceful pond. If your worried about the weather there is also a warm indoor studio if you have little ones.

Package #1: 30 minutes

Visit this lovely farm that has unique settings for a quick photo shoot.

This package includes 8 images, one 8x10 print and 3 3"x3" mini books.

These mini books are fun to have and you can display them practically anywhere. If your an office mom, you can have one book at your desk, one at home and even one for the grandparents. These books are compact and could fit in your purse to show many friends and family or even to occupy your little one when your out grocery shopping.


Package #2: 1 hour