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Snowy photo shoot at Mt. Rainier

We live an hour and a half from the mountains so we decided to spend a day at Mt. Rainier. The sun was out so I had a feeling it was going to be beautiful. Janessa was excited to play in the snow. We were unprepared not bringing a sled but taking the time to bring her to the snowy mountains was well worth it.

There's something magical when it snows and my favorite part of fashion, like fall is dressing in layers for winter weather. From lengthy peacoats to puffy jackets, puffy Pom Pom beanies and cute boots, they're my favorite clothing accessory. We also grabbed some hot cocoa with a warm lunch.

I remembered when I was younger and since at the time I was the only child, I had to play outside alone. I would try to get the neighborhood kids to build a snow man, be a part of a snowball fight and just having plain ol' fun. I would come home to my mother's warm dinner and had a fantastic day. Fast forward to now, I'm happy as a mom to spend those moments with her and show her the world.

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