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How to find the right photographer for your family.

On this page, I'll help you understand these elements:

+The right questions to ask your photographer

+ The benefits you should seek and downfalls you want to avoid

+ Making sure your family portraits turn out everything you hoped for.

1. Is it important to meet my photographer before my session?

Taking the time to meet your photographer is important because you get to see if they're the right fit for you and covering questions you may have. Have you ever felt awkward in front of the camera during a photo session. That's because you probably booked with your photographer without a meeting. It's kind of like going on a blind date. Meeting your photographer helps ease your session for many cases like this.

Meeting your photographer is also important because you will be able to see what products they offer, such as frames and albums. It’s impossible to judge the quality of these products through the internet, holding it in your hands and visualizing what you're getting gives you an idea what you're paying for

2. What kind of style photography do you do?

Many people automatically assume that owning any dslr camera, you are indeed a professional photographer. Some even know a few photographers that take beautiful landscape photography but that doesn't necessarily mean they take great portrait pictures. Some can do most areas but essentially there are many kinds of photography. This includes on location and studio photographers, they might not have all the equipment they need to capture the kind of photography you like. Make sure before meeting your photographer you know what style of pictures you like, natural light, studio with props, night photography etc.

3.. Do you have photoshop skills?

Asking your photographer if they use Photoshop on your pictures is important because there might be something you want them to do like removing blemishes. Photoshop requires skill and depends on if the photographer has mastered what you would like done in the pictures. Most photographers exercise their contrast, colors and enhancements but even the simple pictures could be tedious to add their creative effects and can become extremely time consuming. When investing in family portraits, think about the dedication and time the photographer spends perfecting the image to detail. If you are paying a bargain price for your pictures it's these details that get cut down on because it requires more time and effort.

4. Can you take pictures like this?

If there is something you don’t see in the photographer's work, bring a picture to ask if they can do something similar or give a general idea of what you want your pictures to look like.

Although pinterest gives many inspirations, don’t be upset if the pictures don’t turn out the exact same way. The purpose of hiring a photographer is loving their work, trusting their creativity and believe making your own moments in your pictures will make it more meaningful.

5.What places to consider when choosing where to take pictures?

There are a few options to choose from with styles of photography and asking your photographer what service they can offer for you. The top three places photographers suggests are your home, in their own studio and outdoors. Some photographers do not own a studio but that could mean their style is using more natural light than studio lighting. Here are some points for each of them:

Home sessions: Pictures taken in your home is best because you’ll feel... well right at home. Capturing pictures at home tells your story, how’s your lifestyle, the new house you moved to, you could even have your kids play with their toys. It’s a unique way to portray that in images and children are more relaxed in that setting. In home sessions erase the studio style which gives more emotional meaning in your photos using your home backdrop.

Studio sessions: Studio photographers can offer a wide variety of lighting and background set-ups. Creativity here could be styled with many props such as a Valentine themed, Christmas theme or even celebrations like kids birthday and cake smashes. The best thing about having pictures done in a studio is not worrying about the weather, so you will be nice and comfortable.

Outdoor sessions: The beautiful thing about taking pictures outdoors is factoring your favorite place as a family you visit often. Pictures created outdoors gives a special effect depending on the these background elements, season and time. There are historical buildings in the city, beautiful flowers in a park or even an epic waterfall. Outdoor sessions give many fun and creative ways to turn your pictures amazing.

6.Should I have pictures put on a USB?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is why you want them on a USB. Some photographers offer different ways of handling such files and putting them on a USB could be the best preservation and other times not the best option.

The downfalls of your pictures on a USB:

If you want to print and frame the photos yourself you need to acknowledge the following issues. When you purchase your USB often people forget that the job is only half done. You need to factor the hassle getting your pictures printed and possibly complications printing and if printed at a chain company, this can result in low quality prints. Don’t forget the hassle of doing everything yourself. To avoid it, your photographer can handle this while you can do more important things like spending more time with your family.

When getting pictures done, most people would like to get one or two larger framed photos for their living space and smaller ones for gifts. However if you have all pictures on a USB then you just paid pictures you’ll likely won’t have time to get printed, framed or in a photo album.

In my experience, I have many pictures on digital, even on my phone but I have to go through millions to find that perfect one. I only enjoy the ones that are printed in my home and I would rather have you invest in one beautiful wall portrait that you deserve and will lasts a lifetime. Ask your photographer if they offer albums. Having pictures in a album is the best preservation because it is guaranteed for generations to come and will make your photography experience worthwhile. USBs are also not guaranteed because they can also corrupt and don’t have much life span as to original prints. Technology is always advancing but prints and albums are a lifetime and more.

7. Does print size matter?

Buying a few 4x6 and 8x10 could be enough for you but it does not compare buying a larger print. The downfall of placing a 8x10 on a large wall is it diminishes the people inside the picture which can results into squinting and no admiration. Your photographer should give the best advice and even offer home visits to make sure it is the appropriate size and design to your liking. Having at least a 11x14 brings the picture alive and is viewed as a art piece.

8. Is my session being timed?

Precious time is valuable and some photographers respect theirs. Although for families, most photographers are willing to extend time if a child does not participate or is acting fussy. For most clients who meet their photographer on site, 30 minutes may not be enough for kids to warm up. This highlights the importance of meeting your photographer so your child can be comfortable the next time.

9. What if my child is fussy?

The same applies here as with number 8. I would also like to add, don’t be so hard on yourself if your child does not participate. I know being a mom we always want them to look at the camera but we shouldn't force that action. It’s best to let the photographer do the work so you are camera ready when the picture is being taken. Let the photographer look silly, not you.

10. Final words

The most important thing in your life is your family. Becoming a parent is the biggest life change but kids grow fast and memories will fade. When your children has moved out, having beautiful family pictures done will be your most prized possession.

I hope this article has help you in many ways to think about your family legacy. As a photographer and mom, these are reasons why I photograph for people. To ensure you have pictures to admire for generations to come. If you like to book, check out my special event for Valentine's Day that is going on February 4th and 11th. The blog post is here:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

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