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Wildly in Love - Valentine's theme

It’s February and love is in the air. I got to visit my favorite place Wild Hearts Farm in Tacoma and had a few sessions coming up. I really love the country feel of this place and can’t wait to see it in the summer. The owner, Jodall is so sweet, she’s doing a killer job and also stores many props for photographers to use. (It’s pretty awesome). For the decoration in the studio, she made colored hearts that hung from the ceiling and also decorated the wall. I love the theme and it was perfect for celebrating Valentines.

This cute girl right here is so darling. I mean, I know kids can have their moments but she was fun, she smiled and we all had a good time. We top the session with some sprinkled cupcakes made from Wanna Cupcake, she couldn't stop asking mommy for more!


Have you visited Wanna Cupcake lately in Puyallup? They relocated, don't worry it's a couple doors down. It's much more bigger and I love that they added more stuff to the menu. Although I'm not sure if they had that before because I just came for cupcakes. I told the girl there I would have to bring my husband because not only they serve coffee but they also serve Red Bull. Red Bull is like his cup of joe.😆

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