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Peaceful barn photo shoot at Wild Hearts Farm

I always love shooting here and if I mentioned this before I can not wait for the summer to come around. It was raining here and there at this family shoot but we also had fun taking pictures in the studio with of course, some bubbles. This family had a wonderful time exploring this farm and like many others wished we’d live there. The family had a great selection in outfit choice, I was proud of mama because even if it was cold she was willing to sacrifice some chills for a great photo of herself. (Don’t worry we warmed up inside.) We’d had a great time like always and I’m still thankful for Wild Hearts Farm giving us the opportunity to explore their backyard.

If you like to have a photo shoot at Wild Hearts Farm in Tacoma, contact me and let’s plan your adventure!

P.S. followers

I've been working a lot lately on the business side of things that finding balance in life and work is getting in between family time. I'm focusing a lot this year that I'm excited to update a lot on my website and information so thank you for your patience and stay tune for great things coming your way!

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