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Meal Weekly List Printable ~ Puyallup, WA Mom

Hi everyone! I've been busy, well when have I not been busy, I'ma busy mama! I posted last week and asked other lovely mama's about their struggles at home. The choices were:

1. Too many chores

2. What to cook

3. A clean home

4. Being organized

5. Keeping kids entertained

I think it's so funny to find out we all struggle with the same thing, especially what to cook! I know for me I have to cook something light like a salad, something meaty for my husband and then something simple like mac and cheese for my daughter. How could I cook for something everyone could eat and not be picky! Well, I guess it's just my daughter whose picky.

To help you mom's out there struggling, I created a printable for you. I made a fun, organized weekly list so you can plan out your meals and also write down the ingredients you need when you go grocery shopping. YAY for fun lists! (Am I the only one who like making lists?)

About the business side of things, there are a few awesome stuff I added which are:

1. Rebranded my business with a fresh new look (check it out here Sugarr Photos )

2. Created a client guide that will give you more insight in your photo session

3. Sugarr Photos Newsletter

What a newsletter!? Something simple and for you mama's that struggle with what to cook, I will like to mail you some recipes to inspire you. I'm no chef but I do try to cook something new every now and then. If you like to subscribe to Sugarr Photos Newsletter, I would love for you to follow my fun adventures, home projects, helpful tips and any free download/printables to inspire your life at home.

I have a special announcement next Friday April 7th, so sign up now to be the first to know and get your free printable to get you started planning your weekly meals, enjoy!

*Look out for your printable!

Lots of love,


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