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5 Ingredient Salad Recipe ~ Sugarr Photos

I always try to find a quick easy fix recipe that is healthy to eat and tasty as it looks. I won't lie I'm pretty bland but you might like to add dressing to your salad. (I eat it mines plain). But this salad is easy to make and you can even make it in bulk so you can meal prep for future lunches and no soggy sandwiches, yay!

5 Ingredient Salad Recipe

1. Cooked Chicken Breast

2. Baby Spinach

3. Dried Cranberry

4. Honey Roasted Almonds

5. Balsamic Vinegar

What would be even more awesome when you meal prep is having an easy meal weekly plan. I own a planner but I normally take printer paper to write my grocery list. Using this printable, you can write each meal by day and underneath write all the ingredients you need for that recipe. Isn't that awesome? Maybe I'm a planner addict but I know I want my life easier and I want to give you this printable to make your life easier too! I mean lets be real, plain paper is *singing* boring!

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