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6 Garden Tools and Watson's Nursery

This year is the year I decided to grow a real garden. Growing up I’ve watched my mom grow flowers, fruits and vegetables. You would think she was a crazy plant lady. She would rather have pots of plants everywhere rather than a clear pathway to the front door. I didn’t help as much because I was too busy being a kid and wanting to play with the neighborhood kids but at least I was outdoors, playing in the the good old days when technology wasn’t in the way.

Now as a mom, I could see why growing a garden is therapeutic. I work, I clean, I cook and then sleep. Factoring to go outside gives the chance to get fresh air and planting (even if I fail or win) will provide that inner peace that needs to reset once in awhile. Since I’m learning to grow a healthy garden, having a 7 year old to teach is very inspiring. I love that I can share this experience with her even if she chooses to play afterwards.

My husband and I like to browse anywhere from antiques, a date to Lowe’s, a good hike or walk in a nursery. One of my favorite nurseries to go to is called “Watson’s Greenhouse and Nursery” in Waller, Washington. It’s the outer skirts of Puyallup but worth the drive to this wonderland. They have many plants to choose from but also sell home, baby and outdoor decor. They even have a cafe, if you want to make the visit worth while.

Here’s a list that’ll help you (and me) get started on growing a pretty garden.

  1. Rain boots: Easy clean up shoes after working hard in the garden. Just rinse and your all set.

  2. Clippers: A good tool to shape bushes and prune flowers or branches.

  3. Watering wand: Great for watering hanging baskets that makes reaching convenient.

  4. Gloves: Use thick gloves to protect your hands.

  5. Kneeling pad: Provides quick relief to knees.

  6. Transplant shovel: Helpful shovel that digs small or deeper holes to plant.

I hope you found these tips very helpful. Happy Earth day! Sign up to Sugarr Photos Newsletter to be the first to know with more helpful home tips, exclusive events and even useful download printables. 😊

Lots of love,


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