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5 gift ideas for Mom ~ South Hill Mall

I went to South Hill Mall the other day and I have to say there is a reason why I try to avoid going. It's because like Target, I want to buy everything!

Mother's Day is around the corner and I created some gift ideas for mom she'll like (or some gifts to buy yourself) 😉.

1. Custom jewelry

There's something about custom jewelry that makes a gift unique. Especially one we're you could personalized what you'd like it to say. I follow because their style is simple, unique and custom. Maybe "Best Mom" , "I love you Mom" or a word that describe your mom, "Strong" will be very unique to give. Check it out

2. Make up

You can't go wrong with new makeup. I would say lipstick is everyone's favorite but I noticed my Mom loves eye shadow too.

I don't put much make up on but when I do I like using Smash Box from Ulta.

3. New purse

I really like this purse I found at Francesca's. It's all in one, tote, satchel and cross body. Perfect to switch up your style by changing how you carry your purse. Add this to your Mom's purse collection.

4. Hobby

My Mom loves gardening. She loves her new hose wand I got her for Mother's Day. It's