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If you're reading this that means you're wondering what else could you get your Mom besides clothes and accessories. I feel I struggle with this every Mother’s day because my Mom has everything she needs. How could I make another Mother's day special this year? What I found out that helped is gifting her an unique experience. I’ve listed a few ideas to get your planning started.

1. Spa Day

Ahhh, I can hear the soft music playing now. Spa days are my favorite and I know all Moms need this. At least a few times, right?

Spa in Puyallup, Puyallup photographer

2. Nail Salon Beautify your nails by taking your mom (or yourself) to the nail salon. Some salons give refreshments like wine to make the relaxation even better.

Nails in Puyallup, Puyallup photographer

3. Paint with wine Speaking of wine, if you have a crafty Mom, what better way to paint and drink at the same time. Laugh off how good of an artist you are or aren’t. *This is also fun as a date night with hubby

Paint and wine, Puyallup photographer

4. Watch a show

Have you been in a dine in theater? Food and drinks while watching a movie is a plus at iPic theater in Redmond, WA. Another good theater called Regal Cinema Parkway Plaza 12 in Tukwila, WA releases Filipino movies which is my Mom's fave. Bringing your Mom to watch any unique shows will make it fun.

Theater in Puyallup, Puyallup photographer

5. Pictures

Last but not least, Photography. When was the last time you had a family picture? Or at least a picture of you and your mom together? While you could spend on experiences and clothes, nothing last forever but memories in a favorite picture. While this year I will be taking new family pictures. Investing on family pictures to have around the house (off of my phone) are priceless.

(The only picture up to date I have with my Mom is a selfie.)

If you plan on taking pictures for your mom or with your little one, I am booking Mommy and Me Limited Editions. I've created collections that you'll receive personalized video and custom frames, you can't beat that. These photo sessions are only hosted twice a year. Take this moment and special rate with this unique experience celebrating all loving Moms. Book today.

Lots of love,


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