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Fit4Mom Spring Extravaganza | Puyallup, WA family photographer

I had the great opportunity to shoot for FIT4MOM Spring Extravaganza. What a great experience to see these mama's determined to stay fit. I love that this program dedicates time for mom's body, mind and soul. Even while working out, the program combines activities to keep kids entertained and still get a work out in. We all know that's our mom super power which is multitasking. The owner Lisa McCann, physical therapist and personal trainer is super sweet guiding mama's strength and building courage when they feel self defeat. The soul purpose of supporting moms at every stage of motherhood giving the opportunity to stay fit, socially connect and refresh the mind and soul. I absolutely love it!

If you haven't heard about them check them out here and follow on Facebook. If you were at the event here at Bradley Lake Park - Puyallup, Washington, download your pictures here.

Don't these pictures make you want to work out?

Contact Lisa to know more.

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