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6 Steps To Prepare For Your Engagement Session

Hi everyone!

How is this small wedding series coming along? Has it helped you so far? If you haven’t read the other blogs, check out “Q&A on Wedding Details with Professional Photographers” and “3 Reasons Why Engagement Sessions are A Must.”

As I was writing this out I realized this information could go well helping families prepare for their photo session but engagements are a little different. For couples who recently got engaged, this time is uniquely focused on you two. This session helps you learn how to work well with your photographer and prep you for your wedding photos so by then you'll know what to expect.

1. OUTFITS: Most couples are very good about choosing what to wear but sometimes a little guidance will help to ensure you made the right choice of selecting outfits. The first common thing people tend to do is match. It’s best to coordinate colors so you do not blend into each other. Patterns and logos can also affect the overall picture so wearing one pattern with a solid color works. For men, wearing your everyday sneakers stands out in pictures, find something that's more polish and clean.

2. PREPARE YOUR FIANCE: If you haven’t hired a photographer before, outdoor photography is a little different than the posed and smile studio style ones. Prepare your fiance for the type of photography you like. Oh pinterest, what would we do without you. Pinning the images you like and show him what’s being created. Engagements sessions are special and could use your pictures towards your wedding or just to have memories of being together.

3. RELAX: It takes a few minutes to warm up but primarily don’t stress about how things are suppose to be or imitating an image you want. Trust the creative side of your photographer by them directing and guiding you so you don’t have to worry. Enjoy this moment of celebrating your love.

4. BE ON TIME: I know we can’t control traffic or unexpected things throughout the day but being on time really helps for photographers who use natural light for their photography. For example: if you were to shoot at sunset , the sun is moving and that golden hour can be gone in minutes. That time being lost can affect the quality of your images.

5. LOCATION: There is a lot of beautiful scenery here in Puyallup, Washington. We are surrounded by waterfronts for beachy style, the forest for earthy tones and city buildings for the modern look. What’s best is to find a location that means something to both of you or match it with your style.

6. FANCY: Schedule your engagement session if you are having a trial run with your hair and makeup. It’s a two-fer and you will feel amazing during your photo session. Getting your nails done is important too because there will be close up shots of your gorgeous ring!

Now you are prepared for your photo session! Stay tuned for next week's blog about making your wedding decor unique with DIY projects. Follow on Instagram.

Know anyone planning an intimate ceremony? Contact now to get the full insight of your special photography experience with Sugarr Photos.

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