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An intimate wedding at Pioneer Orchard Park, Steillacoom, WA

I'm a hopeless romantic sometimes.

Of all the love movies out there, I don't think anything compares watching a movie to meeting couples in person and hearing their love story. How they met, what they like about each other or what they do for fun. It's almost like you're a little kid discovering candy. Love brings that sweetness in your life and you want more of it.

This couple is from New York and chose me to photograph their wedding at Pioneer Orchard Park in Steillacoom, WA. Meeting them I noticed how relaxed they were and how the groom wanted anything for the bride to keep her happy.

During the ceremony, while I was anticipating for the big kiss. I swear I could of sobbed.

Can anyone else relate? They said the sweetest things like any couple would. The simplicity of this wedding reminded me how small my wedding was. Although grand weddings are just as romantic, that doesn't mean small ceremonies aren't. It's still the most special day to celebrate whether its a court ceremony or a backyard wedding.

If you loved this intimate wedding and are planning on your small gathering, let's chat about your special day.

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