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Our Trip to the Hands On Children's Museum in Olympia, Washington

Have you been to "Hands On Children Museum" in Olympia, Washington? It’s pretty awesome.

I have to say I don’t remember going to any museums when my daughter was little, mostly zoos and parks. Her school had a field trip there and it was a first for both of us. When we got inside, it was pretty big and had lots of themed sections throughout the building. It was busy that day since there was multiple schools visiting so we went again shortly after.

My daughter loved everything there. I love that they have activities that help kids use their imagination. They had areas where you play in the water, learn about science and fun activites. The outside is beautifully landscaped with a garden and a lighthouse lookout. It’s totally something you have to see in person.

A heads up for anyone who'd like to visit they are open late on the 1st friday of each month for free admission from 5-9pm. Visit now to cool off from the heat.

I have a bucket list of many things to do this summer. I don’t think I can complete it but I try my best to do new things or revisit places I haven't been in a while.

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