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Summer Day Antiquing in the Puyallup District

Grab a cone of ice cream and go on an adventure to the past.

Is what my family would do each summer. We like to look at old stuff and it’s interesting to see things we probably won’t use again since we’re far advanced now.

My daughter likes to wonder and ask, “What was this for?”, pointing at a typewriter, amazed.

We’ll take a day going around the Puyallup Antique District then head to Sumner in Washington. One time we even stumbled across a place called “Rust”. Now that place is awesome. It’s a small store but has lots to offer. Which reminds me, I need to pay another visit.

I look for household things or look for photography props to use for family sessions for Sugarr Photos. Do you like to go antiquing? What do you like to look for? Let me know in the comments below.

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