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My Anniversary Pictures in Victoria, Canada

My anniversary was a few months ago and my husband and I had a nice quiet trip to Victoria, Canada. We’ve been through a lot in the first 5 years and I can’t believe how much time went by so fast. I can’t imagine what another 5 will be like. I love how we started as friends, like any foundation of a relationship, our love developed and the life we built grew solid as a rock. I can sugar coat about marriage and how awesome it is but no relationship is real without the hard parts and trials of life.

Being in love is one thing to celebrate but also the things we've overcome together. We haven't taken pictures since we got married so I thought it will be a great idea to get anniversary pictures done. Before our trip to Victoria, I contacted Lara from Lara Eichhorn Photography. It’s not often to request anniversary pictures but she loved it. I think if it's an important celebration to you, creating memories should carry in a way that hiring a professional photographer to capture your love story is worth it.

She did such an awesome job, you can check out more pictures at Lara Eichhorn Photography. If anyone is planning to go on vacation, make the experience better by contacting a local photographer to capture your memories.

If anyone truly knows me, I’m really intimate about this stuff. Sharing online is not about being in someone's business, it's about inspiring others to show them ‘what truly matters’ . This is why I love what I do. Becoming a photographer, I’m happy to provide inspiration to others and show that life is short. These moments and years passes by and you won’t get it back. Just like John Legend - "Love Me Now".

What I love about my family photography by Sugarr Photos is it carries out love and emotion. I want to give the feeling that you will carry the memory for life and for your children to remember.

If you want to learn more about your own Anniversary Session with Sugarr Photos, download your free client guide now!

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