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Anniversary Pictures Celebrating Love at Discovery Park in Seattle

It's not often to think about getting pictures done on your anniversary.

The most popular times hiring a professional photographer are for weddings, maternity, newborn and 1st birthdays. As for seasons, definitely fall and Christmas but anniversary pictures? When was the last time as a couple you’ve taken pictures alone?

This type of session brings out the intimate side of your relationship. It's like engagement sessions but after the "I do" ceremony, what happens to the happily ever after part? If you've celebrated 5 to 10+ years, it's nice to update your pictures once in awhile. The best thing about it is seeing how you look, years pass, your appearances change but what doesn’t change? Your love for each other.

We had a great time exploring Discovery Park in Seattle, Washington. This couple has been together for 10 years and now has two beautiful kids. Now that they've taken their pictures, they'll be reminded forever on how it all started. Their kids will grow up and say, “Wow, Mom and Dad looks great! I can tell Dad loves Mom a lot!”.