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Sugarr Photos Unplugged

What is life to you?

Whether your on a daily routine, 9-5 job or huddling kids all day long at home, you can become overwhelmed. I know working and taking care of a family is loads of work. The planning, cooking, somewhat cleaning, and maybe some organizing in the house. Whew, I'm getting tired just talking about it but as parents, we want to provide the best so that they can live a good life.

BUT we forget to live for ourselves. (The ones who don't take time off to breathe, yeah that's me.)

Getting out the house and out of work is something that rejuvenates your soul, your drive and sanity. The best part about taking time off is to remember all the little things that makes your life, life.

This vlog was made to remind everyone to embrace every season of life. Take the time to carve out and enjoy the little moments. I welcome you to a funkier side of me and hope this brought a smile. Definitely something different but my life is what it is.

Whatever happiness is to you, live it up!

***Warning*** We are adults. There is explicit content that will include slight profanity music. If you have little ones around, please grab some headphones. :)

Enjoyed the video? What did you think? What do you do to refresh your mind, body and soul? (I can take a bottle of wine a answer.)

Comment below and let me know if I should do another vlog.

Lots of love,


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