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LuLaRoe Outfit Style Session in Tacoma, WA

The first time I touched a pair of LuLaRoe leggings I was amazed.

I got introduced to LuLaRoe with my first pop up at Katie’s home. What's a pop up you say? I've always seen it on Instagram, where the stylist host open hours to shop in their home.

It was real cool to shop the boutique style store as I am all for small shops, one on one help and of course meeting new friends. LuLaRoe comes in all styles but what's gonna kill me is buying cute dresses for my daughter. Curse having girls, too fun to shop for!

A friend of mine was also hooked once she bought her first pair of leggings. Katrina joined the LuLaRoe sister tribe and wanted to rock her outfit styles with a session with Sugarr Photos.

My favorite part was adding the sun hat. It looked like she was a woman enjoying a beautiful day. So comfortably good, that's what I wanted to capture. What was your first piece of LuLaRoe clothing and the next item waiting on your wishlist? Comment below!

If you haven't seen my short video when Sugarr Photos went Unplugged, it's a must see.


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Lots of love


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