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Live a Happy Life | Puyallup, Washington Family Photographer

Surround yourself with people who bring you up not down.

I’ve known this woman for quite some time now. I have to say she is still the same free spirit and caring soul as when we first met. Chattana Pov had a grand opening for her business Lash Me Boutique in May. If anyone knows her, you can tell her passion was always in the beauty industry. Her story behind starting her business was only the beginning.

It was dedicated to her unborn niece Amelia.

I cannot fathom the mom losing her child she has not met. Her daughter didn’t get a chance to play with other kids, to experience school or even celebrate her 1st birthday. It’s heartbreaking to dream such possibilities.

To be a part of losing a family member, Chattana Pov felt she needed to live the life her niece was unable to live.

Instead of looking at life in a negative way, her niece gave her a sense to live a happy life. A life to know we are fortunate, blessed and grateful for. To make Amelia proud, gain more self love, to spread joy to people and show a better way to live.

Chattana use beauty to inspire, boost confidence and help others when needed. It’s an honor to celebrate Amelia and showcase Chattana’s free spirit through photography with Sugarr Photos.

Love yourself, believe in yourself and live a happy life.

If you’re interested in photo sessions, Sugarr Photos is celebrating her anniversary by giving away a session to one lucky family. Read about more details here. You don’t want to miss it!

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