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Cambodian Wedding at Joy Palace Restaurant - Seattle, Washington

Have you been to a Cambodian wedding before?

Three words. BEAU-TI-FUL.

Okay you got me, that was one word. I was honored to celebrate Sarith and Sophy’s wedding. From outfit changes to a ceremony of chanting and lots and lots of guests. It's no wonder at the reception everyone lets loose.

I’ve known the bride for so long, it's even funny bringing back things we used to do, like sing from the top of our lungs from karaoking. Hey, don’t tell me you've never done that.

It brings me joy when I see no matter how much stress the bride is under, the groom always keeps the mrs. in control with lots of hugs and kisses, of course. GAH! I’m so happy for them!!

After the ceremony, everyone had a break to freshen up for the reception. We did a quick stop to squeeze in some portraits at Brighton Playfield park near Joy Palace Restaurant in Seattle, Washington. I can’t stress enough how important it is to block time for this because couples tend to get busy attending to guests. I like to remind my couples a good time or even a quick moment to get portraits done because really, it's a whirl wind all day and it's my duty to get these sweet moments in.

It’s the perfect time to get away from the crowd, focus on each other and realize your legacy has just begun.

The wedding held some real Cambodian traditions that I cannot explain what was going on but it was a real treat to experience this special cultural occasion. I love the bride and groom outfits, I think my favorite one was silver because they both shined like DIAMONDS.

AND I like the red and blue one. You can tell I can't make up my mind. I pretty much loved all the outfits! The clothing style looks like straight up royalty.

Thank you for having me Sarith and Sophy. Again, I am so happy for you two. I wish you many years of happiness, laughter and fun adventures!

If you are planning a wedding near Puyallup, Washington, I would love to talk about creating your special day!



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