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Full Service Family Photographer - Products: Preserve Your Memories

As a full service Family Photographer here in Puyallup, WA I love that I offer these amazing products for my clients pictures to be treasured forever. I truly enjoy taking away the stress for parents to create their pictures and to preserve sweet memories with custom keepsakes and albums.

Here are a few new products (trust me I got more) to show what you can do to preserve your memories.


One of my favorite products, the Keepsake Boxes. I am a sentimental person and I keep things like my daughter's first drawing, loose prints and even the first thing I bought when I was pregnant, a small yellow duck blanket for my daughter. I love offering these because its like a time capsule that could be passed down, it's a family's treasure. This wooden box comes with a custom designed lid, matted prints ready to frame, a wooden block to display one picture at a time and holds anything you want inside.

Glass Keepsake Box

Here’s another keepsake box but this one is for couples. This style gives a timeless look to those who love the modern style. I tell the ladies if they don’t want to hold pictures you can use them to store your jewelry. Isn’t that neat? I would love to have that on my vanity table. They come in a choice of silver, gold and got to have, rose gold!

Collage Matted Frame