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5 Tips to Prepare Your Family for Photo Sessions

Great! You’ve booked your family pictures, now what? Here’s 5 quick tips on how to prepare your family and what to expect on your session day.

1. They say when you feel good, you'll look good.

Always dress comfortable and appropriate to the days weather. Neutral color palettes like blues and creams make portraits classic and timeless. Love to wear color? Coordination is key, you want to offset each other and not be too matchy matchy. Layout everyone's outfits to get a better visual and bring backup clothes for babies if they have a OOPS moment. Like a 'diaper spill on the back' oops moment.

2. Be rested and well fed.

It’s important to get a good night's rest, it will start the morning off right and eliminate any feelings like being grumpy. Plan nap times around the session or schedule your session when your kid is most active. If parents are grumpy, a cup of coffee does a human good. ;) Often families plan to eat after their session, I recommend to not arrive with an empty stomach and have a snack beforehand.

3. Have time to get ready.

It’s never good to rush these kinds of things. To make the day easy, have all outfits, baby bag, important necessities to bring like toys, snacks etc. prepared a night before so they're ready to grab the next day.

4. Be patient.

It’s my job as your photographer to entertain the kids and put a smile on their face. I appreciate your patience and by doing so it'll help on your end so the kids won't sense stress and forced happiness. For the most part….

5. Have fun with it.

You're taking the time and creating family memories. Don’t worry about the perfect portrait smile. You’ve taking the step of being IN the picture, so relax and have fun with it. Embrace any emotions of your family, you’ll appreciate being captured in your true nature and will be happy to have sweet memories to look back on.

If you’d like to know more about your own Family Photography with Sugarr Photos, download your FREE CLIENT GUIDE below or contact today to discuss about capturing your family memories.

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