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What I love about being a photographer and why taking Christmas pictures is precious.

(Giveaway details on the bottom)

I can never forget the time I was figuring out what to wear for pictures with my family when I was younger.

My dad would circle Tacoma Mall parking lot with a car full of growling stomachs, only to wait in a long line to see Santa. These moments were my family tradition, getting our pictures done every year.

As a mom, I can see how this time of year, pictures are precious.

Why you may ask?

Well there’s always something new in the family. Someone cut their hair, someone grew taller or even lost a tooth. Christmas is a recap of the year and getting pictures done during this season is perfect to showcase to friends and family the update of what’s new. Looking back now, I have these funny photos of how we all dressed back then, it’s these kind of pictures that’ll be memorable.

Being a photographer now, I am grateful to be a part of creating these memories for your family to look back on and cherish.

**Special Announcement**

In honor of celebrating Christmas. I am hosting a gift giveaway! This is my way to say thanks. Thank you for being awesome, tuning in and letting me be a part of your world.

The lucky winner will receive:

- a fresh white plush robe

- a gray and white plaid make up pouch

- a face mask collection kit and

- a sheer berry LipSense

Two runners up will win a Starbucks gift card!!

Wattaya waiting for? Sign up to enter!


1. If you haven’t already, Follow me on Instagram & like my Facebook page.

2. Become a VIP member with Sugarr Photos

3. Share the link for friends and family to participate:


1️. The giveaway ends on Friday, 12/22 at 9PM PST.

2️ .The winner will be chosen randomly and announced through email 12/23/17.

3️. U.S. Residents only. Must be 18 years old to enter.

If you have any questions, hit reply or send a hello here.

Good luck!!

Lots of love,


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