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Step into the New Year with this Writing Reflection Exercise.


I think about it all the time. Am I where I want to be? What am I currently doing? What areas in my life do I need to work on? Do you ask these questions to yourself? While time passes by so fast, it’s easy to get caught up on binge watching the latest shows on Netflix, scrolling through Facebook for hours, when you only planned on minutes or looking on other people's profile on Instagram but have you taken time to disconnect and really dig deep within yourself? I love the slow months and for me technically it’s not slow because during these cold months, I have computer work to do but it sure is the perfect time to stop and reflect. It’s one of the pluses to live in Pacific Northwest, right here in Puyallup at home with my fury socks on and my journal. If I were to live in a sunny state year round, now that's a different story. I would totally be a beach bum--wouldn’t you? January is a good time to set goals but first, let's stop and reflect.

  1. Write 5-10 good things that happened in the year 2017.

  2. Write 5-10 things that did not go according to plan.

  3. Write what you want 2018 to look like, anything from selfcare, family or work etc.

Here goes my year in review 2017.


  1. Helping my daughter reach her goals: learning how to swim and learning how to play a few songs on the piano.

  2. Real quality time with hubby on our getaways.

  3. Joining a group of passionate photographers that helped shaped my business goals.

  4. Joining a mom’s workout group that targeted my fitness and gained new friendships.

  5. Taking fun creative classes like sewing and macrame.

  6. Having my photography displayed at Wanna Cupcake? in Puyallup, Washington.


  1. Disconnecting at times when I should be ‘present’.

  2. Not being outdoors more.

  3. Finding harmony between family, day job, my business and friendships.

  4. Not finishing books like I used to.

  5. Planning a real work schedule with hubby.


  1. Creating a workflow for my business and home and not constantly being on the screen.

  2. Exploring outdoors more. Last year I said I was going to hike more, I was constantly doing business back end things and couldn’t step away.

  3. More dates. Whether it's date night with hubby, coffee date with my bestie or mommy and daughter date to the movies. More of that.

  4. Bringing more intention to my life, myself, my family and my workplace.

  5. Possibly outsourcing one thing that weighs me down at home. My hubby and I have been thinking one thing we could outsource to gain back more family time and I’m looking into weekly delivered meals ready to cook. I’ll follow up about my experience on that.

Whoa, that list only scratched the surface but doing this exercise helped me take a step back and realize so much can happen in one year. Even though I carved out what I look forward to in the new year, I also want to accept things that aren’t controllable. For example, the weather, being stuck in traffic, or someone who is a bother. Instead walk in with a positive mindset. Only negative vibes will let you down. So be good to yourself. If there is something your yearning for and still want change, there’s always something you can do to figure out a way to make it happen.

I hope you find this post helpful. If you think it’s time to reflect and you want insight and tips, you sure don’t want to miss this. As this is still a bite size topic, sign up to be a VIP for my follow up post after this. ‘Cause I know, this is goal setting month and if you want to be better at things, it only starts with your amazing self. :)

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