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Get your Goal Setting Game on! (Are you ready for this?)

I don't know about you but I can get pretty pumped for something that hasn't happened yet.

What do I mean when I say that?

Well, I’m talking about possibilities ...okay Rachel you lost me.

Let me back up a bit. It’s the new year and its goal setting month and I get all geared up about ‘the possibilities’. Anything goes right? Amiright? BUT let’s talk about the future, it’s a game of unknown. You know I once read that our fears and mindset holds us back. And I agree because I do have a little voice in me that says, "I’ll do it tomorrow”, then tomorrow turns into next week and the time passes and I end up not doing it at all.

Total bummer.

But guess what? I’m sure you heard about this one, “Success doesn’t happen overnight”. Nope, gotta work hard for it, gotta give time, gotta learn and let it all soak in.

And what if it I don’t do or reach it? Well, nothing.

Did you know motivation isn’t what makes you crush your goals? It’s actually having intention to do them, the want to succeeding them. For the most part, creating those goals and taking action leads you progressing, rather than not obtaining a goal at all. So your going somewhere, I promise but don’t forget to be intentional with them.

Give yourself time, love and respect.


Here’s 3 steps to start goal setting and actually turning them in reality.

Make a Dream Board.

Let’s go old school with this one. Collect your subscription magazines and cut out words or pictures that inspire you. Put this board in a space you’ll always see it and help motivate you.

Change your mindset and make time for it.

Truth be told, we need a Shia LaBeouf saying, “DO IT” when we feel unmotivated. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check it out here and have a quick laugh then come back. Motivation is what keeps us going but our mindset always holds us back. Shifting your inner thoughts with positive vibes will pull you through. For example, scheduling a time to meditate. Carving an appointment to yourself is key, set a reminder on your phone to take action. You got this!!


Have your partner or a friend check in with you or help take the load so you can do your thang. Sharing it with someone helps challenge your decisions and actions because we all know, it’s so easy to say no to ourselves. We need the kick in the butt!

I can go on about this just because talking about goals can be inspirational and fun to figure out what’s the next move. If you haven’t read the first post, do this one writing exercise about reflection first before moving forward and planning your goals for the new year.

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