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8 Quick Fixes to Start Your Morning Right

Alarm: !Beep beep Beep!!


A). Snooze


B). Check emails and all social platforms.

Do you start your day like this? It’s hard not to when your phone is your alarm clock and also easy access to the world at your fingertips but let me tell you one thing, want to start your day off on the right foot?

One thing about being intentional with your life is to start putting your mind and body first and when you start your day with these good habits, your in a better mood, your body will thank you and you’ll have a productive day.

1. Breathing Exercise. This is very good to calm nerves and also nice to do as soon as you wake up. Inhale and count to 4, exhale and count to 6. Adjust the count if its too short or too long and repeat 3 times. Opening a window for fresh air, would feel really nice too.

2. Leave your phone alone. Wait at least 30 mins to an hour until you log into social media. This will help detour any negative vibes that will disrupt your morning. Instead,

3. Count your blessings. Checking out what someone’s doing that you aren’t, looking at things you want to get or worse reading the world's problems on the internet. This is a rabbit hole that (I won’t lie), I’ll get sucked into sometimes but when you practice grace every morning, you’ll realize how good your life already is.

4. Bed stretches. While you're sleeping your body was in idle mode and doing bed stretches will wake your body up and feel oh so good when you get out of bed. My favorite stretch is the Figure Four. While you're laying down, bend both knees and bring your right ankle to your left knee. Bring both hands under your left thigh and lift towards your chest and hold for 10-15 seconds. You’ll feel a stretch in your hips and glutes. Doing this makes me feel amazing afterwards.

5. Natural light. It’s always good to start your day by opening your blinds and letting light fill the room. Your eyes will start to adjust and swing your mood, especially if it’s a nice day out. Here are things you can also do to wake up 1. Tie your hair back so your hair is out of your face. 2. Buy natural light bulbs that will brighten the room more than using your standard warm light bulbs. 3. Rinsing your face with a sprince of fragrance like peppermint or orange scent.

6. Make your bed. Making your bed is one easy task to do. It'll leave you feeling organized and ready for the day.

7. Look your best. It’s true when they say "When you look good, you good". You don’t have to dress to the nines but simply putting earrings on or a quick hair curl can boost confidence.

8. Your to do list. There’s that one never ending list I try to finish all in one day but it leaves me feeling overwhelmed and isn't realistic. One thing I decided to change was writing a shorter list of things that need to be done ASAP.

Write your list of things to do and beside it write !, !!, !!! By importance so you can be focused on one thing and feel accomplished finishing the more important one for the day. Focus on completing 3 a day.

I can say for myself doing these things helped me a lot. It sounds funny at first but when you neglect your body intuition, it just goes out of whack. My big out take on these tips was stretching. I started having foot problems and went to the doctor. Who knew how much stretching plays a big role in your wellness. I hope you’ve learned some new tips to boost your morning.

Are you trying any of these already? Leave a comment on the bottom and share to a friend.

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