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5 Benefits to Spring Cleaning your Closet

Spring cleaning arrived early for me after the Christmas season ended, so I’ve been clearing out a huge amount around the house. From the kitchen and bedroom to the closets. During the winter time things kind of got a little out of hand but as the sun is staying out longer, I noticed the house definitely needs a deep clean.

It's still a little chilly here in Puyallup, Washington but that's okay, I’m ready to clear out some things and make the house feel a little fresh starting with the closets.

Here are 5 Benefits to cleaning your closet.

1. Gain extra space. Use boxes to store away seasonal things like sweaters and winter jackets. By doing so, this will free up space.

2. Do good by giving. Label boxes under keep, donate and sell. Ask yourself the 3 Q’s. Look for the nearest Goodwill, Salvation Army or other donations for drop near you. Bonus: You can make extra cash by items you think you can sell. Use Offer up or Let go. (Free in your App Store.)

3. Kids will be mindful. Get kids involved cleaning out their closet, it'll help them be mindful of their lifestyle. They'll learn what are things they need, clothes that are getting small or things they want to give away.

4. Being simple. Downsizing your closet space will help make choosing outfits easier. Try to find items that are useful multiple ways, for example a white shirt or a leather jacket can be used to dress up or down and all you gotta do is add heels or tennis shoes, very versatile.

5. Going shopping. There's always new clothing styles released for every season and it makes me want to get my shopping fix on. One rule I apply to buying something new is called “The husbands rule: You can buy something new but you have to let go of something old.” This rule helps me think about what I already have, if I really need it or what piece I’m letting go. It also won’t turn your closet into unwanted clutter.

I hope this post motivated you to go through your clothes. As I’m cleaning out my closet, this gave me time to reflect and think about how I feel, being intentional of how I live and what I can make space for. If you’d like to read more posts like this one, sign up to become a VIP member with Sugarr Photos. You’ll be the first to know about exclusives, new posts about lifestyle and free printables.

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