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10 Things to Check for Spring Home Maintenance

When I first bought my house I knew nothing about the maintenance side of things besides cleaning, cooking and watering the grass. Luckily my husband is a handy man and has years of experience on home repair and maintenance.

We occasionally do a day date and visit our local Lowe's in Puyallup, Washington. We like to stroll in the store and dream of all the building and renovations we like to do at home.

From my husbands experience, a house can fall apart if you don’t keep up on responsibilities. One time we came across a comment from a new homeowner who bought a new house but was disappointed of certain things that was not built well but in reality it's the homeowner's job to always stay on top of these needs.

While there is a lot to cover on house maintenance alone, to get started here are 10 things to check for spring home maintenance.


  1. Water hose. Remove outdoor cover from spigot and make sure it is properly working.

  2. Gutters. Clear leaves in gutter, check for bird nests and clear branches on your roof.

  3. Plants. Clear bushes and dead plants. Trees, shrubs, plants etc. should never touch the house.

  4. Exterior. Clean any moss or dirt from the siding. Repair any peeling or cracked silicone around fixtures

  5. Lawn. Fertilize grass to grow healthy for spring.


  1. Filters. Replace air and water filters.

  2. Leaks. Check under sinks for any sign of leaking and do the same under the toilet tank

  3. Lighting. Replace any bulbs that are out throughout the house, front and back porch.

  4. Cracks in seals. Renew caulking to any backsplashes, sinks, tubs or anywhere that is needed.

  5. Attic. Look for damaged beams, signs of moisture or any critters making a home.

If you don’t know how to fix these repairs ask a friend or better yet call a professional. They'll take care of your home and make sure everything is in tip top shape.

If your doing any spring cleaning around the house, download your free checklist printable here and if you like to read more blogs like this one become a VIP member with Sugarr Photos. You’ll be the first to know about home blogs, free printables and exclusives.

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