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Dear Mom, Please Be in the Picture

My mom was always good about taking pictures of me when I was little. From her film camera she would go to the store, get it developed and create an album. 20+ years later, these pictures filled in the blanks for the memories I once had.

Today, we have camera phones that we use to document everything. From what we eat,to what we see or document what the kids are doing.

But what I noticed when I go through my photo album was my mom missing in action. I started to wonder why and realized being a mom myself my answer was probably common. I don’t look good right now or I’m the one taking the picture.

I became a family photographer because I was the mom with the camera. I wanted to have all the pictures of my daughter playing, in a new outfit and seeing her grow. I see the importance of all that but mainly what I love to do is styling mom in front of the camera.

The purpose of the Mommy and Me moments project was to make these women realize they are the spotlight of their child's life and to be in the picture is a far more better reason than "I don’t look good right now". It’s having this moment taken and to look back to see the growth in you and in them.

**Stay tuned for pictures!!!

I hope this blog inspires you to be in the picture more. Check out this post to find places near Puyallup, Washington to take pictures. If you want to stay updated with Sugarr Photos become a VIP member here to receive exclusives, home tips and free printables.

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