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3 Quick Tips for Moms To Be in the Picture

There shouldn’t be a reason for moms not to be in the picture.

I get that sometimes you don’t feel you look good enough or it might just be you and your child at the park but to them you need to exist in pictures together. Being in the picture not only shows your presence but they have something to cherish. The benefit of being in the picture not only stops there, you have to own your beauty. When you own it, your teaching your child to inspire self confidence.

Here are 3 quick tips to be in front of the camera:

  1. Use a selfie stick or phone tripod like this one.

  2. Be creative. Instead of posing, take a picture of what you are both doing. For example, coloring, cooking or playing.

  3. At the park? Ask someone to take your picture.

Check out Mommy and Me Moments video to get inspired!!

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