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Mommy and Me Moments Photo Session near Seattle, Washington

I felt that a lot of moms ignore many years of memories behind the camera. I’m so happy to have Abby and Keiko be a part of Mommy and Me project to inspire more moms to be in front of the camera.

We started at home getting ready, and it took me back to my first years raising my daughter. From changing diapers and a squirmy babe, it was refreshing to see how much time and effort it takes getting ready. I told them, “Yeah, wait till they refuse to clean up, not fix their bed or hair.” We all laughed.

I’m always amazed when I meet families and see how much their little ones grow and hear stories from each stage of motherhood. Not only is that one of many reasons I became a family photographer in Puyallup, Washington but believing every family should treasure memories of being together.

During the session, I did a mini interview to talk about motherhood. It was fun to hear different perspectives and how heart touching motherhood can be, it was hard not to shed a tear!



What are your best moments together?

A: A stand out moment was when I met him for the first time. We didn't know if we're having a boy or a girl. I kind of thought we were having a boy, but you know you never know for sure. Any mom could relate to the long, painful process of labor but then it's all worth it.

K: I remember being like, my baby, my baby, that’s my baby. I don’t even think I said anything. I was pretty speechless. I was like, “You're a little person, your mine forever and it’s pretty cool.”

2. Do you see life differently now after having your baby?

K: I didn't know what to expect for motherhood. I was that kind of person who didn’t know if I wanted kids and then that happened and granted it's the best thing ever. Being a mom is so much better than I ever thought would be. I see life through a different lens now, whether walking down the street or interacting with people and having more compassion for mothers in the world. I feel like I’m a lot more patient and understanding which is a trait every mother I wish for could be.

A: For me, its don’t sweat the small stuff when before I would agonize over every little thing. Now that I can see, it doesn't matter at all. It changes your perspective on everything and entirely a whole appreciation for my mother and other mothers. Everybody knows being a mother is a hard job and some people don’t understand that until you become a mom and how every single moment whether your asleep or awake, it's different. I think the hard thing too that everyone talks about how tired mothers are, which you know physically exhaustion yes but also the mental exhaustion because every moment your thinking like 500 things and it's never-ending. I worry about other little stuff, but mainly it's all about him now.